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Shades of Art

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Shades of Art
(Lyrics: breed)

I watch the road turn
I'm all alone
Time to roam again
Keep going through my mind

Don't let this madness get you down
I'm on my way

Life in shades of art
Tell us who we are
Sunlight and shadow
reflected in my heart
Life in shades of art
And every time we part
Sunlight and shadow
life is shades of art

I watch the road again
I'm not alone
but when I close my eyes
Keep hoping you're still mine

It doesn't matter now
I'm telling you
It doesn't matter now
It doesn't matter now?
Don't you know?
by breaking it
you've taken it too far

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(Lyrics: breed)

You try to force my hand
but I can steel it
You try to understand
but you won't feel it
Come now or stay behind
'Cause I won't sweat it
Think it'll slip my mind
Well, I won't let it

I don't believe you seek ascension
whatever's on your mind
Let it be understood
I don't believe you seek ascension
I sense you are a sentinel
an animal, a carnivore

You say they're on the line
I just get static
Your masterplan, your life
Lets get erratic
Pick up the pace and slack
Cut the crap and roll the dice
Gets to who's first and last
Last chance, I don't play nice

You spin and you roll
I see you move to control
I see through you

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Lady Don't Answer
(Lyrics: breed)

So you believe it's on me?
Well I believe it's on you
While your argument's strong
I imagine you're wrong
So this is not a done deal

Lady don't answer
Time alone can heal my sorrow
Lady don't say it's how it has to be
Lady don't answer
how or why
You know I'm hurting Lady don't answer
No, just hold me

I'm so cold it's unreal
Tell me I am splitting hairs
Crushing dreams
Spitting venomous spite
Hurl abuse all you might
So tell me how you really feel

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(Lyrics: breed)

You wasted the chance you were given
You lost more than I ever had
You told me I can't be forgiven
for as long as I live—That's too sad
I saw it all played out before me
A power too strong to survive
Beside me, I saw you defiantly
staring Ol' Fate in the eye

You know, you know, you know
I'd lay down my life for you
You know, you know, you know
You know it's true

Hey Mab!
You don't have to be this way
Try it another way
Luck changing your tune
Hey Mab!
You don't have to die today
Tune in to what I say
Makin' it true

Your arrogance has me defeated
Your arrogance spells your demise
What once was is gone, it's depleting you
Like watching a river run dry

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I Know Shadows
(Lyrics: breed)

When what we fight for
is everything we are
When all we have and want is more
then everything is lost
Without you here beside me
nothing can be real
For you-I would trust my love
and your love

Had I known as I'm sure you always knew
from what you'd say to what you'd do
The hell you put me through

And I know shadows
are dangers to the heart
They prey on your vanity
Don't compromise with who you are
And I know shadows
so hold a candle to your heart
They prey on your sanity
Tear every living soul apart

Now, this game is so compelling
Yet we try to hold it back
-Is that what you want?
-Will you leave if I don't?
-How deep can we go?
And now I wish I
How I wish I'd known

I don't mind the dark

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Your Silence
(Lyrics: breed)

My fate is all but certain
I am not what I seem
What moves behind the curtain
Lays siege to all my dreams
From parts of me immortal
I do not wish to part
I strain to hear
I fail you see
You talking to my heart

Your silence to my mind
Your silence speaking volumes to me
I know I cannot find a statutory price
I know there is no statutory price

I saw you in the morning
You rose like in a dream
You shine for me
Eternity seemed shorter for a while
Hesitant but slowly
you spoke and I believe
you showed to me eternity
breaking down my mind

Can't take anymore
The signs are clear enough
You've stolen the show
and left us all behind

It's incentive enough

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(Lyrics: breed)

Finders keepers
stole what is mine
Take it or leave it
You're holding the gun
Well it's all you've done
all that you've done

Throw out a sentence
Watch as it burns
Cold as intense as
a nuclear churn
This is what I've learned
It's what I've learned

Oh! You can't believe that it's true
What can I say to get through?

Take me higher
Like the stars in the sky
Take me higher
Make it worthwhile my love
Take me higher

Speak of the devil
Playing his part
Just like an arrow
goes straight for the heart
When the kill goes down
It sure goes down

Blood in the water
Sharks in the pool
No straight and narrow
Makes me the fool
Oh well, said and done
Oh well, I'm gone

Oh! You can't believe that it's true
What can I say to get through?

Take me higher
to burn like the sun
Take me higher
We don't have to fight like we've done
Take me higher

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The Song You Never Sang
(Lyrics: breed/Olsson)

There's a thought that fills your mind
There's a lot inside to find
You'll never know
You were there all along
and the empires that you found
to a vision lost to time
Will tempt what fate we know

It sings to your desire
It goes wherever you go
Calls out to every nation
Let us hear the song you never sang

Tell me can you read the signs
of an ever-changing mind
You'll never know
They were there all along
When the temples tumble down
you're a king without a crown
You're a dancer out of time

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Nightmares I Stole
(Lyrics: breed)

Into this world they keep falling
Shaking the pillars of the Earth
Throughout the years my tears will fall

Everything's made out of shadows
Everything's covered in snow

January lost in snow
Tell me now, I just don't know
Why am I out here all alone?
Imaginary undertow
My dreams are nightmares I stole

Fate of the world is turning
Placing a dagger in my hand
Faceless and cold—Osiris calls

So I've become what I am
to become what you are
To carry the weight of the world
To carry the souls of the helpless, the old
I shall fall again—into this world

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Child of Darkest Night
(Lyrics: breed)

Wes said to trust you, and just you
None of the others do
but I believe you
Stuck in this hole
with no companion
you said you named me
and I believe you

Should someone help me, and just me
they couldn't take me
'cause I believe you
Recieve the night like solid matter
Like solid matter
Yes I believe you

Son of the serpent
Take me there

Child of darkest night
Somewhere calling
Child of darkest night
Take me there

Try as they might
they wish to break me
Hah! They couldn't shake me
'cause I believe you
And in the night
my dark companion
you say you're near me
And I believe you

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Not for the Faint of Heart
(Lyrics: breed)

Incense and smoke
as you rise from your throne
Leather crackles, feel the burn
The sweetest pain you bring
Shackled I'm thrown for your pleasure I'm torn
Mercy, sweet mercy, I lust for your sin

Lost in a world of your own
No gettin' through
Lost in a world of your own

Tell me you're broken, baby
Not for the faint of heart
Tell me you're broken, lady

Lust for the burn
for the taste of the flame
Shadows dance at your command
this darkest romance
Under your spell
I shall drink from your well
Pleasure and pain
Bind me over and over again

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Some Stand Alone
(Lyrics: breed)

Could you be trusted with the secrets that I hold?
Could you be trusted not to sway?
Then when I've told you what is true and what I hold
This burden's heavier each day

I'm riding out the storm
Holding out for more
Beat 'em at their game
Not knowing what's in store
Just push a little more
Time and time again

Don't speak to me, provisions have been made
Yeah, so I raised six billion slaves?
And if you tell me that you find me quite irate
I wouldn't change in any way

We are your sons and daughters
We all resemble you
Left on our own
So lost and so cold

We stand alone
Open to the biting, icy wind
Hold out for more

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My Heart Still Cries
(Lyrics: breed)

Wasn't long ago—not so far from here
I know I don't seem different now
but I was then
Couldn't find my place
Couldn't find the time
and my heart still cries

When I call your name
will you close the door?
Well, I made my choice
You always did before
Things were different then
Oh! So different
and I know I'll never know
but my heart still cries

Somewhere you long to go
You hold the answer to this, how?
No, time will never show
No matter what, I can't let go
My heart still cries

I was amidst my kind
It wasn't what you'd said
Wasn't anything you did
Wasn't anything you tried

Conformed and certain of my mind
Had to be the center of the serpent's twine
Its inner touchstone
What you always said was there
It's every way and ever here
and all that you need 'cause I see

Your servants in a row
And I know this sun, I know the stars
and everywhere you've gone
In “inexistence” all I've known's inequity
I know these streets
I know these souls, I know

It's in my blood, it's in my soul
and it's still eating at my mind
Got Aeryn on my mind
Got Aeryn in my soul
I'm her servant 'til I fall

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(Lyrics: breed)

Urban breed: Lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards
Daniel Olsson: Guitars, bass, backing vocals, keyboards
Pelle Åkerlind: Drums, backing vocals
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Other Information  
Produced by: Urban breed, Daniel Olsson & Pelle Åkerlind
Arranged by: Urban breed, Daniel Olsson & Pelle Åkerlind
Vocal arrangements & lyrics by*: Urban breed
*Except 'The Song You Never Sang': Vocal arrangements & lyrics by Urban breed and Daniel Olsson
Drums recorded at: Studio Soundcreation, Bollnäs, Sweden
Drum recordings engineered by: Per Ryberg & Pelle Åkerlind
Guitars and bass recorded at: Sovrum Studios, Edsbyn, Sweden
Guitar and bass recordings engineered by: Daniel Olsson
Vocals recorded with: Frop Farm Mobile Unit One at various locations in the world
Vocal recordings engineered by: Urban breed & Pelle Åkerlind
Mixed by: Jonas Kjellgren
Mixed at: The Black Lounge Studio, Pärlby, Sweden
Mastered by: Jonas Kjellgren and Per Ryberg
Mastered at: The Black Lounge Studio, Pärlby, Sweden and Studio Soundcreation, Bollnäs, Sweden
Cover artwork by: Urban breed
Photography: Urban breed, Magnus Nordlund, Stina Englund & Belinda Breed
Artwork & design: Urban breed
Layout & design: Ingo Ertl
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Europe: Release Date: October 26, 2012
  Format: CD jewel-case
  Label: Metal Heaven
  Label Code (LC):  
  Catalogue Number: MHV00096
  EAN: 4 046661 274523
  Matrix/Runout: Sony DADC A0102016091-0101 22 A00
  Mastering SID Code: IFPI L552
  Mould SID Code: IFPI 94U8
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