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Magic—Album Cover


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Where we tell the story of Mr. Nightmist, a figure, through generations, shrouded in mystery and legend.

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With a Tip of the Hat
(Lyrics: breed)

I've been granted the great privilege to greet you all tonight. My name is of no consequence. Let us instead delve deep into a tale of misfortune, injustice, strange happenings and mysterious powers. With a tip of the hat, I bid you welcome to our world of magic.

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Binary Magic
(Lyrics: breed)

I have buried my father's son
Under stone-covered, hallowed ground
So many times, and my life goes on
With the work of the many
Always feeding the few
Receiving your letter
I knew, I just knew
As legend you know me

It's either black or white
It's either true or false
It's either on or off
It's binary magic

It's either black or white
It's either true or false
Life or death

I've been walking these dusty roads
I've been walking through rain
But the drought and the storms
they all pale
To the memory of magic
The wind in her hair
The sound of her laughter
as light as the air
As legend you know me

As our wanderer is led along his path
There's an awakening of sorts
Somehow the children
learn the secrets of his craft
And in the darkness they resort
when Leibniz calls

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Burn! Witches Burn!
(Lyrics: breed)

In times of trouble
When times are hard
That's when ambition makes its move
Plays out like clockwork
One simple rule
A simple trick
Just take your pick
The majority's all fools

And soon to lose their souls
Yes soon they'll lose it all

Burn! Witches Burn!
She's Innocent
Burn! Witches Burn!
When fear turns cruel
Burn! Witches Burn!
But she's done nothing wrong
Burn! Witches Burn!
You're all just fools!
Tend to your own affairs
Stay out of this!
Burn! Witches Burn!
Burn! Witches Burn!

Tonight spells trouble
Tonight spells gloom
This rabble-rousing mayor speaks
And Caldwell Town is doomed
Fear turned to frenzy
With torches held on high
I couldn't save her
There was nowhere she could hide

That night I lost my soul
That night I left it all
I left it all behind
I left to save my
I left to wipe my mind

I am, and have always been
innocent of that which you accuse me.
Until now!
A curse upon you, Mr. Leibniz, Sir.
Your children, your children's children
and every child henceforth
born in this town will be guilty
of serious, black, magic.

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Lone Gunman Rule
(Lyrics: breed)

Describe the situation:
Unbridled, senseless greed
Plain truth, the enemy
Denial by decree
Born out of desperation
This plan to set us free
No time for moderation
Reaction: Time to bleed

When your life doesn't matter
When your voice can't be heard
When your life doesn't matter
Lone Gunman Rule

Complete evaluation:
“All hail!” the leader screams
Last chance, the remedy
The last thing that you need
Derail the conversation
No hope for honesty
Its final destination
The bottom of the sea

Take away our rights
Our civil liberties
Point your finger
Let accusations fly
We'll take you on
One by one

Lone gunman rule:
Don't let them pin you down
You better run
You better run
Lone gunman rule:
You better up and run
They'll do what they always do
They will place the smoking gun on you

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Now You'll Never Know
(Lyrics: breed)

She never hurt a soul
Kept all her secrets to herself
She lived on the outskirts of this town

It's better you don't know
'Cause people here are scared

Now you'll never know
How beautiful
How beautiful she was

She saw the best in me
I never fully understood
She told me I owed it to myself

And it's better you don't know
'Cause people here are scared

Oh I remember when
The night that they burned my whole life down
The locket she gave me burst into flames

And you know
She never hurt a soul
She'd save your life
She'd spare you all
But the cut goes far too deep
Now this curse is yours to keep

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I Can Do Magic
(Lyrics: breed)

Can you see beneath the surface?
Don't ever let it show
Can you feel the way it ripples at your touch?
Can you hear the children whisper?
He'll never let them go
But you never know

I can do magic!
I can do magic!
I can
I can do magic!
It's true
I can do magic!
With you

As you learn my long-kept secret
I've kept it long enough
I can see the trepidation in your touch
As if you know too much

Bearing this in mind
Mr. Nightmist mustn't know
We must find him you and I
He might never let them go
Throwing caution to the wind
As we challenge space and time
So our journey must begin
With a brand new paradigm
Cast your net too wide you fail
So we ponder what we know
Upon ships of death we sail

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Serious Black Magic
(Lyrics: breed)

It's a biting, bitter, cold September night
You'd be wise to stay in bed
The market square is dead
The wind dies down and we know that it's midnight
The moon lights the streets we walk
The air comes alive

For tonight is our time
and it's magic
For tonight is our time
We've come to settle the score

We're making serious black magic

We tingle with the power of the night
You'd be wise to lock your door
The call rings out once more
Come children! Heed your mistress
It is midnight!
There's blood on the streets that we walk
and nothing seems real anymore

For fifty years of torture
Five and five score more
For all those years in torment
Let my vengeance lift your soul

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Skeletons on Parade
(Lyrics: breed)

The witch is dead and her knight is gone
And yet the night mare rides
And every night, the strangest sights
Can you believe it? No?
Above it all you tower strong
The Emperor of nothing's wrong
Where's God in our need?
Where's God indeed?

Fools and Lovers
Cower in the Tower
The Magician turned
As the Hanged Man burned
Strength, Death, Justice
Watch as Leibniz's lust is
Toppling stone after stone
after stone, after stone

If you wonder what you'll find
when you open up your mind
Skeletons on parade
Spirits in the night
And you wonder what you'll see
If you give yourself to me
Skeletons on parade
Sights of vile delight

Anything you bury
No matter where you turn
In any secret hiding place
Can always be unearthed
Your deepest, darkest, secrets
The guilty leads the charge
The dead now rise uncovered
The dead are now at large

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Mr. Nightmist
(Lyrics: breed)

Mr. Nightmist, we'd be honored
if you'd deign to grace this town
Times are dire
And we sure could use
a man of your renown
Mr. Nightmist, There is nothing
we won't give, that we won't do
And with you I am sure we'll
see this through

But the witch's curse holds strong
As her spirit lingers on
Like a rhyme long lost in song

Mr. Nightmist I've been told
Can erase this plague of souls
He can raise the dead
He's cheated hell
A thousand times and more
He makes demons fall in line
Saved an angel trapped in time
When the devil says “you're mine”
Mr. Nightmist

Mr. Nightmist, ancient wanderer
and mystic reads the cards
Scries the fire
and the visions
all strike terror in his heart
Mr. Nightmist, sees the children
swayed by evil at his door
And be sure
Mr. Nightmist sees no more

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The Witch of Caldwell Town
(Lyrics: breed)

Have you ever thought to raise the dead?
You might find it's murky waters
There is nothing like that dread
Mark yourself lamb to slaughter

But you reach out with your mind
And protect yourself just fine
Spreading ashes to divine
Let the angels know you're mine

Even now
though I hold you in my arms
and as beautiful you are
And as real as any love can be
Tell me now, am I taking it too far?
Can't help but wonder
Am I saving you?
The witch of Caldwell Town

When the time is right I'll bow my head
Pour her ashes in the water
As I call her by her name
Place your torch upon my shoulder

As I reach out with my mind
And protect myself just fine
Spread your ashes to divine
Let the devil know you're mine

Even now
Though I hold you in my arms
and as beautiful you are
And as real as any love can be
Tell me now, am I taking it too far?
Am I saving you
Are you saving me?
Could we ever let it go that far my love?

Though I hold you in my arms
and as beautiful you are
And as real as any love can be
Tell me now, am I taking it too far?
Can't help but wonder
Am I saving you?
Or everyone?
Let me burn with you, my love

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True Love is Blind
(Lyrics: breed)

Can you see it in my eyes?
My life lost to this madness
We're both alone
So lost without our love
Will you tell sweet little lies?
to cover up our sadness
To free us both
be the mirror to my soul

True love is blind
Is it love, do you know?
True love is blind
If it's love, does it show?
True love is blind
Here we go!
Now you dance with me forever
True love is blind
When it's love you know
True love is blind
You're in love
True love is blind
And for love
now you dance with me forever
And my love is blind

Whenever death seems real
Whenever life misleads you
You know that I believe
You do
I walked the Earth for you
Uncovering the truth
I stood alone undying for your love

Can you see what has been done?
Can you see what we've become?
For a million years and one
We dance
When you see what we have done
Then the rain beats down
The rain beats down forever

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Just Kill Me
(Lyrics: breed)

There once was a time and a place
Where time held a place in a maze
Without map or key
Venture in with me
Now we're lost in time

There once was a time I was sure
This power would open the door
I realize now I was wrong
I was far too young and headstrong

Real magic grows inside your heart
Now I'm old enough
This magic tears your soul apart
To know what it does

If it's love—Kill me
True love—Just kill me
If it's love—Kill me
Cast your spell
'Cause this love
Will kill me

I used to be fair but strong
I used to be strong but just
I used to use just enough
To be fair, it's been tough

You reach out with your iron will
Reach out to silence that chill
Taking stabs at the beast
Making real make-believe
To be fair, life's unreal

Real magic grows inside your heart
And I'm old enough
This magic tears your soul apart
To know what it does

And when at last the day has come
You know it comes for everyone
You measure up or you fall
Hold your ground! Stand up tall!
There is magic inside you
Magic inside you, I know

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Newfound Freedom
(Lyrics: breed)

This has been quite some day
The kind of day you never thought you'd have
Some day! That one fine day
that never happens
Yet you stand here living proof
Living proof that fine day sure can come
And you give it everything you've got

This is you with your newfound freedom
You with a different sound
This is you as you turn your life around
This is you down a road unknown
Just you standing on your own
This is you turning all our lives around

There's just one way
One way to realize your hopes and dreams
One way through sacrifice
And if it's my way now
May it all come true for you
Promise me you'll give it all you've got
I promise you I'll give it all
Promise you I give it all

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One Final Song
(Lyrics: breed)

I'm standing here with tears in my eyes
Somehow I made it after all
And I remember
every kindness I was shown
But I remember, all alone

Life ain't fair
That much is clear
No life ain't fair my dear
Life ain't fair
We're summoned here
To see beauty in sacrifice

Now I'm confused
Is this the end or not?
What happens next?
Is there a shred of light?
No! There is no end in sight
No! We can't allay your doubts

But where there's love
There's always hope for life
And in that hope
You make your sacrifice
Love can be a lonely place
Life devours all

There is no end to all this suffering my friend
No resolution
There is no way I could evade this bitter end
No true catharsis
So here I am facing eternity again
I am but night mist
Cross over! Cross over so I can dream
Silent custodian of dawn

I had my dreams
I lost them all
I paid the price
I took the fall
I set you free
I gave my life
to mend the weave of destiny
So when you're down
and you feel lost
remember me

And now the time has come
to say goodbye
And in this moment
let me tell you why
I'm burdened by his memory
I'm burdened by his tragedy once more
I'm sad I always have to say farewell
I'm sad our story never quite ends well
But, wait, there's still the final page
One final line before we take our bow
Imagine this: The final act
There is still one final song
We will meet again

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The Band  
Urban breed Vocals, keyboards, guitar
Bob Katsionis Guitars, keyboards, bass
Jan Vacik Keyboards, vocals
Dominik Sebastian Guitars, bass, keyboards
Alex Holzwarth Drums
Mario Lochert Bass
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Additional Musicians  
JuMi The voice of Maria Merian and additional backing vocals
Jonah Weingarten Keyboards
Thomas Riesner (Dornenreich) Violin
The Altar Boys (and girls) of Caldwell Town: Gernot Kroiß
  Stefan Kroiß
  Andi Summer
  Armin Zelzer
  Ben Kroiß
  Andi Mecker
  Carsten Häußer
  Sebastian Kohlmeier
  Marco Schober
  Franzi and Cathy
  Konst Fischer
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Other Information  
Produced by: Serious Black
Pre-production produced by: Bob Katsionis
Mixed by: Michael “Spike” Streefkerk @ Dreamsound Studios, Munich, Germany
Mixing Assistants: Mario Lochert and Jan Vacik
Guitars, bass and keyboards recorded by: Bob Katsionis @ Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, Greece
Additional guitars, bass and some keyboards recorded by: Dominik Sebastian @ The Scratching Tree Studio, Linz, Austria
Re-amping by: Mario Lochert @ Dreamsound Studios, Munich, Germany
Vocals, some keyboards and guitar recorded by: Urban breed @ The Frop Farm, AL, USA but occasionally also in various locations around the globe using the Frop Farm Mobile Unit
Drums recorded by: Mario Lochert @ Dreamsound Studios, Munich, Germany
Additional Editing by: Konst Fischer at Dreamsound Studios, Munich.
All lyrics, storyline and "A Listener's Companion" written by: Urban breed
Make-up by: Angelika Bunde
Photography by: Darrin Jacklyn jacklinfotos.com
Proofreading and editing by: Shaye Breed
Cover Artwork and Booklet Design by: Jan Örkki Yrlund darkgrove.net
Additional artwork and design by: Urban breed
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Europe: Release Date: August Xth, 2017
  Format: CD jewel-case
  Label: AFM Records
  Label Code (LC): 05204
  Catalogue Number: AFM XXX-X
  Mastering SID Code:  
  Mould SID Code:  
Europe: Release Date: August Xth, 2017
  Format: CD DIGIPAK
  Label: AFM Records
  Label Code (LC): 05204
  Catalogue Number: AFM AFM XXX-X
  Mastering SID Code:  
  Mould SID Code:  
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