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A Mended Rhyme—Album Cover

A Mended Rhyme

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Circuit Vision
(Lyrics: breed)

I can't control you

They told me what I should do
They gave me a way to get to you
You never stood a chance son

The screen is never truly blank
and I can´t hide my mind
Behind lie words that tear inside of me
Their faces find me anywhere
and in my room I feel their stare
The walls are cold they shimmer blue
Their vision hides inside of you

This circuit vision

My memories fade and I appear
Submerged and lost in digit beams
I confine myself within myself
A circuit glows I feel the need
An interface 'tween man/machine
They boot my mind and steal my dreams
as they feed me deep inside

Fractal code interlocking my spine
Feeding new format, Breaking mine down
System runs steady, Color code true
ID# strands altered, Connecting me to you

This circuit vision

You couldn´t dream you had no mind
but now my eyes see only what you feed me

Conversely seen it´s all so clear
Behind the news they´re always there
The integration's just begun
I make my move when they say so
My eyes feed Data they must know
A night of secrets by the screen
is all the programming I need

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But Angels Shine
(Lyrics: breed)

From a glade was heard
songs of angels that blessed the land
Now the time of their arrival
was predicted years ago
and now they shine

In the time before the ravings
of the dark cloaked men began
Men had lived in peace for ages
and they´d lived from off the land
Now their lives all changed from better
to a state still growing worse
And the ravings of the cloaked men
promised darkness in return

But angels shine

See the bitter heart sow darkness
summon clouds to hide the sun
and they tower up before you
and they cover up the sky
Hear them sing their songs of hardship
under moon that none can see
Hear them chant, yes hear them raving
for the tide to turn on me

But angels shine

Then from far away from a land unknown
came a man so thin you could see his bones
´said when I am gone and the night is still
and a few good hearts all unite in will
then they pray along with the prayers of mine
and the dark men fall as the angels shine

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A Mended Rhyme
(Lyrics: breed)

He sat there so idle
just sat on the ground
I watched as he mumbled
but I heard no sound
I dared not go closer
I dared not at first
but somehow I got there

My son said the father
I can not explain
The reason I left you
has caused me much pain
I dared not come closer
I dared not at first
but somehow I got here

Sometimes I hear them in my mind
Dare I join them now

A mended rhyme
at a preset time
Join them now
or lose them forever
A silent mime
The final chime
Just join them now

He did not lift his eyes
just sat there and cried
Now I know the words
I heard him say
I joined him on my knees
and then even I cried
He wiped away my tears
that´s when I heard him say

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The Trader of Souls
(Lyrics: breed)

Oh Merchant, yes merchant
The trader of souls
The bringer of darkness
damnation and cold
In secret betrayal
with cunning and lies
he steals you, deceives you
There´s fire in his eye

A strange world of neon
of light by your side
There´s paradise waiting

The stranger remembers
the lines in your face
Through ages that follow
his due stays the same
Collecting his children
still fire in his eye
The burning desire
consuming their minds

A strange world of neon
of light by your side
There´s paradise waiting

A long way from grandeur
It´s passing you by
Merchant, oh merchant
an angel of light
The trader of souls
Believe me he´s lying
The trader of souls
Believe me he´s dying

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Time of No Sun
(Lyrics: breed)

Not long ago on a world not so far
the King sent four riders, pure in their hearts
Search for the Spirit, search for the Lamb
All of my children rise

It´s time to leave
the Royal Fleet is here
So be the truth that none of you may enter
lest the Royal Crown you bear in your heart

The Court and the King and his followers stood aboard
awaiting the riders to gather them all
First came the Lion, then came the Lamb
The fire of the Spirit has now left the land

Wrapped in the fumes of the underworld all ships leave
Up rises Five and they claim all that is and will be
Search for the riders, find us the Lamb
Bring us the Spirit, his heart in our hands

Seconds before the departure
all eyes fell upon a ragged man
Torn and wild-eyed he turned
facing the crowd
Raising his staff to the sky
and these are his words
Now the stars may still shine
and horizons be clear
but the Spirit is gone
Come the time, the time of no sun

Spirits of Five grasp control of the world
knowing here after
follow the ages of peace under strict supervision
Hear me ye prophets, ye spirits of Five
Hear when I speak of starvation and strife

Their prophets performing an act all will see
and worship their master
Few will escape, most are drowned in the eternal sea
A time has just ended, your work has begun
Now come what will be the time of no sun

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The Dragon Tide
(Lyrics: breed)

Watching the hills from the tower up north
he sang, no he bellowed a song to the glory
to the power of Karak Azul

His heart now uneasy, it would not be stilled
A sickening stench, an odour of greenskin
like so many years before

Trollslayers, trollslayers mighty and proud
Trollslayers now meet your fate, in this battle you die
for you surely will die

The dragon tide will sweep you away
The dragon tide will darken this day

Lord, King, see the skies
Oh, worse this our doom
Accursed be this day
It's memory be black
Riding the winds dragons fly

They drop 'hind our lines
They strike from above
Clansmen stand proud
Stare death in the eye
Riding the winds, dragons fly

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Goddess of Chaos
(Lyrics: breed)

An ageing craft of unknown origin
Ancient beacon is calling them, warning them of...
In space no one hears your scream
Left alone with your cries

A forelorn world, don´t know what they´re after
Company secrets, betraying them, selling them all
In space no one hears your scream
Left alone with your cries

Strange things happen
and strange she may seem
the Goddess of chaos
and merciless dreams

It hits his face, a creature of madness
Pure-strain warrior inside him, it´s taken aboard
Inside him grows unknown breed
Ash alone knows the truth
Kane arises, he stands anew
first of seven to die

This foreign life, aggressive and deadly
Committed killer, stalking them, hunting them down
The time is set for final destruction
Officer Ripley is launched into nothing and stars
In space no one hears your scream
Left alone with your cries

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The Vacant Lot
(Lyrics: breed)

Underneath lie
barely seen and rarely touched
All things untold
Stone upon stone
So foul, so cold

A shadow of old

Into the night
Driven by what none can see
Scarcely bound but hardly free

A shadow of old
A story untold
A gathering rot
The vacant lot

A stray dog send shivers down your spine
The remnant walls stand ever the same
Hair of the dog won´t help you at all
The street´s all deserted
We´ll swallow you whole

Our minds intermingle
a raven so black
A spiralling stairway
keeps calling you back
Tentacles, tentacles
tighten their grip
Downwards in circles
the deadliest trip

We mould you impassive
all tainted and sore
Abiding our master
keep calling you
Tentacles, tentacles
tighten their grip
Downwards in circles
the deadliest trip

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Guest of the Inquisition
(Lyrics: breed)

I remember his eyes
as he entered the hall
My kingdom was lost
and he spoke unto all
We see here the signs of witchcraft
and I know these words to be true
The devil besieged you
by means of this puppet, his tool
and he pointed at me

Four years have now passed
and I´ve seen no light
no hope for the truth
or a glimpse of the world I once ruled
Of all that I used to cherish
of all that I used to do
remains but the prayers and my faith
in the spirit of truth
and he pointed at me

Guest of the inquisition
I´m a guest of the inquisition
Guest of the inquisition
They stage the play

When it all began I for one can´t tell
but I first saw those eyes seven years ago
I never knew their true intent
It strikes me now how blind I must have been
One after one we all fell strangely ill
and floating lights were seen

Awaiting the fall
I guess I should have known
The secretive ways of the Master Inquisitor
A sinister mind conspires
a mind numbed by power and greed
Now left in this hole I see eyes
and they´re staring at me

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The Band  
Urban breed Vocals, vocoder
Christer 'Krunt' Andersson Guitars
Fredrik 'Frippe' Eriksson Keyboards
Anders Modd Bass
Peter Morén Drums
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Other Information  
Recorded at: Wavestation Studio, Ljusne, Sweden
Engineered by: Ulf Pettersson & The Immaculate Choir Boys
Mixed by: Ulf Pettersson
Mixed at: Wavestation Studio, Ljusne, Sweden
Mastered by: Peter InDeBetou
Mastered at: Cutting Room, Stockholm, Sweden
Artwork by: Rainer Kalwitz
Logo design and symbols by: Christian Göwert
Design and Layout by: M. Kumpe
Photography: Håkon Grav
Produced by: Tad Morose & Ulf Pettersson
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Worldwide: Release Date: April 8, 1997
  Format: CD
  Label: Black Mark Production
  Label Code (LC): 6201
  Catalogue Number: BMCD 87
  UPC: 6 02276 00872 0
  EAN: 4 012743 008720
  Matrix/Runout: BOD BMCD 87
  Mastering SID Code: IFPI L357
  Mould SID Code: IFPI 5222
Poland: Release Date:  
  Format: Tape cassette
  Label: Morbid Noizz Productions
  Label Code (LC):  
  Catalogue Number: MN 270
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Lyrics, melodies and vocal arrangements by Urban breed.